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The most notorious scenes--the appearance of the succubus in A Mad World, My Masters, the Dampit scenes in A Trick to Catch the Old One, and Walter Whorehound's repentance in A Chaste Maid in Cheapside--are almost universally cited by scholars troubled by Middleton's inconsistent or "grotesque" treatment of ethical/spiritual values or of comedy itself.
Succubus and Dick Dunn dead-heated for the 1914 Welsh Grand National at Cardiff, and in the run-off 90 minutes later the two horses raced over the entire 3m100yds again, with Succubus winning by ten lengths.
And here is the forbidden truth that must become unforbidden if we are ever to free ourselves from the succubus of radical feminism: There never was a good feminism.
The series' sophomore season sees battle among murderous archangels, diabolical spirits, a succubus, a time-traveling telekinetic hero, and a teenage lesbian ghost.
In succubus sleep my face formed a rictus, and as the little seizure took me I arched my back and pressed the back of my head into the pillow and then went still and lay like that for a long moment, like a dead dictator lying in state sunk to his ears in the plush.
to calm her down" (250), trying to protect Sethe from the insatiable succubus Beloved.
With his body he seemed to feed the voice that, succubus like, had fleshed its teeth in him.
However, realizing her performative possibilities for proliferating alternative gender configurations, she subverts these cliches of femininity from within: she acts out an angel in the house of suffragette whores, her sexual activity mocks the Victorian angel, yet she also challenges the stereotype of the whore, the supernatural succubus, as her confidence trick is based on her claimed virginity.
His necessarily secret relationship with this succubus comes to consume his life, and his retreat from actuality undermines his integrity.
Like a medieval succubus, she forces herself on Paul D and becomes pregnant, driving him away from 124 and pushing her mother into the other kind of madness.
Stephens' peculiar reading is particularly bothersome when he gets to the succubus scene, where Doctor Faustus, kissing the succubus counterfeit of Helen of Troy, exclaims rapturously: "Her lips suck forth my soul, see where it flies
The clearest example of this in recent Australian history is the transformation of Malcolm Fraser from the incubus of the left into the succubus of the right (we are talking in both camps of the more fanatical elements).