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With two more deaths on Saturday, the number of people succumbing to the virus has reached nine.
Mumbai The death toll in the Mumbai triple blasts on July 13 has climbed to 22, with two people succumbing to injuries in city hospitals during the last 24 hours.
Interacting with mediapersons here on Monday, human rights activist Sujato Bhadra accused the government of succumbing pressure from fundamentalists to drive Taslima out of Kolkata.
Summary: England bowler Ryan Sidebottom will miss the rest of the tour of Bangladesh after succumbing to a thigh injury.
EYE EYE PICKLE, who ran a sparkling Wimbledon trial last week, misses tonight's heats of the Betfair Arc at Swindon after succumbing to an untimely bout of kennel sickness yesterday, writes Richard Birch.
Customers and authors rallied to try to save it from succumbing to economic pressures and competition from online sellers and big retail chains.
Coming under heavy fire from the enemy, Chapman fought back at close range until succumbing to multiple wounds.
An iconic African desert tree of particular importance in Namibia and South Africa may be slowly succumbing to global warming.
9 billion yen in damages to the sewing machine maker over a huge amount of debts the company owed after succumbing to blackmailing pressures from a stock speculator-shareholder group.
If Peter doesn't learn to cope with all these rather quickly, he'll be pounded into the molecular wind, or succumbing to the manifold dangers of the Ataxic sector.
True, not all farmers have this conscious reverence for the apricots that have been growing in their orchards for hundreds of years; some may even be succumbing to the same greed as that of the corporation which now holds patents to the genetically-modified plants--but does this universalize the reign of modern science?
At each stage of her journey, members of her family left her--whether succumbing to death, left behind, or striking out on other roads.