sudden burst

See: bombshell
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cried she, in a sudden burst of enthusiasm, turning round and overwhelming her sister's pet with a shower of kisses.
cried Alice, with a sudden burst of tears, `I do wish they WOULD put their heads down
the glory of the sudden burst of light; the freshness of the fields and woods, stretching away on every side, and meeting the bright blue sky; the cattle grazing in the pasturage; the smoke, that, coming from among the trees, seemed to rise upward from the green earth; the children yet at their gambols down below--all, everything, so beautiful and happy
said Eva, with a sudden burst of feeling, and laying her little thin, white hand on Topsy's shoulder; "I love you, because you haven't had any father, or mother, or friends;--because you've been a poor, abused child
The knife was pressed against his side and La's face was close to his when a sudden burst of flame from new branches thrown upon the fire without, lighted up the interior of the shelter.
The minutes passed, and there rose a sudden burst of cheering from the sailors on the beach, near the spot where the fishermen's boats were drawn up.
cried Lady Janet, with a sudden burst of angry surprise.
Well, to tell you the truth," answers the landlady with a sudden burst of candor, "I've always had" (mentioning a sum a good deal in excess of the first-named amount), "and before that I used to have" (a still higher figure).
The only interruption which thoughts like these received for nearly half an hour was from a sudden burst of her father's, not at all calculated to compose them.
cried Sir Percival, with a sudden burst of anger that startled us both.
Then a sudden burst of rapid, senseless speech persuaded him at once that he had to do with an escaped luna- tic.
We grew bold and reckless; and once, in a sudden burst of courage, I even threw a stone at a dog.