sudden death

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KASUR -- Two persons including a woman died at different places as they could not summon up the courage to bear sudden deaths of their relatives here the other day.
lt;B A police officer on duty outside a house in Park Road, Cwmparc,where there were reports of a sudden death
Perhaps the simplest description of Sudden Death is contained within the novel itself: "A book with a lot of back and forth, like a game of tennis.
Sudden deaths indeed happen among Chinese physicians of young adults (mean [+ or -] standard deviation: 40 [+ or -] 9 years) and approximately 90% of them are male.
The disease is caused by the ingestion of the toxin produced by the bacteria which causes apparent sudden death or progressive paralysis with death, in mild cases slow recovery is possible.
I've made this thread so everyone that has experienced sudden death cases on their S3 can post here and keep the forums cleaner.
com)-- The Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation hosted its most successful 6th Annual International Conference last week to educate families and professionals in the medical field about how to prevent unexpected sudden death in the young.
Sudden death is typically caused by a loss of heart rhythm, rather than by a blockage in an artery that feeds the heart muscle (a myocardial infarction).
Dr Dirk Wilson, right, a consultant paediatric cardiologist in the Children's Cardiac Unit at the University Hospital of Wales, in Cardiff, said: "Often it is not known the individual has a predisposition until you are presented with a sudden death.
The bottom line is that there is a three times greater risk of sudden death associated with sports than with being on a stimulant.
Any sudden death of poultry must be reported to the local agriculture and animal husbandry office, he said.
Over the years, there have been case reports of sudden death during physical exertion in young adults with sickle-cell disease.