sudden desire

See: impulse
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Now, you say, after all this time he is fired with a sudden desire to behave handsomely to the daughter of his dead partner.
They turned out to be the Prince Gnome and his friend, and the sudden desire to get some news of his sister, Princess Argentine, caused the Invisible Prince to follow them and to listen to their conversation.
It is very pleasant to be loved and admired, very sweet to think we shall be missed and mourned when we die; and Tom was seized with a sudden desire to imitate this boy, who had n't done anything wonderful, yet was so dear to his sister, that she cried for him a whole year after he was dead; so studious and clever, the people called him "a fine fellow"; and so anxious to be good, that he kept on trying, till he was better even than Polly, whom Tom privately considered a model of virtue, as girls go.
Tuckle no sooner got into the open air, than he was seized with a sudden desire to lie on the curbstone; Sam thought it would be a pity to contradict him, and so let him have his own way.
Pussy can sit on the arm of the chair and purr, and Montmorency will curl himself up on the rug and blink at the fire, yet keeping one eye on you the while, in case you are seized with any sudden desire in the direction of rats.
I felt a sudden desire to get out of that house, to fly from the reinforced Blunt element which was to me so oppressive.
He felt a sudden desire to find out what it was that was so strange about the woman.
Not very far," said Razumov, restraining a sudden desire to laugh, although he did not feel joyous in the least.
2005: The accused in the 2003 Shanti Mukund Hospital rape case expresses a sudden desire to marry his victim.
It happened years ago during a trainings trip in Suleymainya when a visit to the local GaleryAram fulfilled my sudden desire for a thing of beauty, anything.
However, the absence of half-a-dozen first-teamers from the Gunners' team sheet hasn't provoked a sudden desire to lay them with Blue Square and Boyles offering a bestprice 3-10 at home to Stoke.
If you're someone who tends to be cautious around your love life, don't confuse a sudden desire to be more go-getting as a sign that you will end up getting the type of person that you deserve.