sudden terror

See: fright
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But the King was overcome by a sudden terror when he saw the enormous pack of wolves approaching nearer and nearer, and calling out to Ferko he said,
The night mail went thundering northward, and he clutched even at the nettles which grew amongst the grass where he was crouching, as though filled with a sudden terror.
The young native had already descended to the water to comply, when a long howl was raised on the edge of the river, and was borne swiftly off into the depths of the forest, as though the beasts, of their own accord, were abandoning their prey in sudden terror.
He had formerly observed with approbation her capacity for worshipping the right object; he now foresaw with sudden terror that this capacity might be replaced by presumption, this worship by the most exasperating of all criticism,--that which sees vaguely a great many fine ends, and has not the least notion what it costs to reach them.
SOMETIMES, while meditating on these things in solitude, I've got up in a sudden terror, and put on my bonnet to go see how all was at the farm.
cried my guardian with a sudden terror in his manner, and in an altered voice, and putting up his hands as if he would have stopped his ears.
That's the quality the music shares with Lamar's album, that bright, sudden terror.
Now, as the prison in which they were held is the proposed site of one of the biggest developments we have ever seen, it is largely forgotten marathons in those days were run in spite of the fear of sudden terror attacks.
Our goal is a lasting, democratic peace, in which free nations are free from the threat of sudden terror.
Jonsson received this assignment from the bishop who heads the Swedish Church Abroad, a Lutheran evangelical church that is active in over 40 locations, In today's climate of sudden terror, it's ministers are sometimes needed at places like the World Trade Center or Bali.
Bush said he was resolved to confront every threat that "could bring sudden terror and suffering to America," and he said, "The threat from Iraq stands alone.
The sudden terror that confronted the nine miners is unimaginable.

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