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To initiate a lawsuit or continue a legal proceeding for the recovery of a right; to prosecute, assert a legal claim, or bring action against a particular party.


verb appeal to the law, apply for, ask for relief, bring a legal action, bring an action, bring to justice, bring to the bar, claim, commence a suit, contest, entreat, file a legal claim, file suit, implore, initiate a civil action, inntitute a legal proceeding, institute process, legally pursue, litigate against, make appeal to, orare, petition, plead, preeer a claim, press a claim, pursue a claim, put on trial, seek by request, supplicate, take to court
Associated concepts: power to sue, right to sue, standing to sue
Foreign phrases: Nemo alieno nomine lege agere potest.No one can sue in the name of another.
See also: appeal, call, charge, claim, complain, demand, importune, litigate, prosecute

TO SUE. To prosecute or commence legal proceedings for the purpose of recovering a right.

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