suffer a relapse

See: relapse
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Blood tests carried out at six-monthly intervals showed very accurately which patients were likely to suffer a relapse.
"Dr Hill's work could also guide the development of new treatments for children who do suffer a relapse, with the aim of prolonging their lives or potentially curing their disease.
More than 20,000 people in the UK have CLL and in about two thirds of cases patients suffer a relapse. MabThera is the brand name for the drug rituximab.
``But this new technique will allow us to identify a small group of children who are far more likely than normal to suffer a relapse.
Early findings released in December showed that women on Arimidex were 20 per cent less likely to suffer a relapse than those taking either tamoxifen or the combination.
When patients suffer a relapse, they unleash mutated bacteria that are resistant to one or more of the drugs.
The collapse of their four-year marriage caused the 38-year-old to suffer a relapse from leg surgery she had four weeks ago.
"Any muscle injury can suffer a relapse and we are working not just to cure the problem, but also to prevent that risk.
When Ms Newton did suffer a relapse, she recovered far more quickly than she had before and, crucially, there were no more relapses for another two and a half years.