suffer by comparison

See: lose
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British generals suffer by comparison to Washington.
The grandson should not suffer by comparison, he should live up to his own talent because he's got it.
The audible fear is that 2009 could suffer by comparison and become a 12-month hangover devoid of pomp and circumstance, fun and optimism.
He does, however, suffer by comparison with that other leader of a Celtic nationalist party - Alex Salmond.
That programme, which made Tennant a star, was so impressive, any other take on the tale is bound to suffer by comparison.
But in every other aspect of the game his man-of-the-match performance emphasised he will not suffer by comparison to the Germany captain.
But it does suffer by comparison to its dramatic looking predecessor - better proportioned perhaps but less exciting to look at certainly.
First, rural villages may suffer by comparison to urban-based competitors.
Fouts, by contrast, speaks with a commanding authority, which makes Miller's facts `n' stats-based comments suffer by comparison.
On the surface, IASC standards do not suffer by comparison.
A FAIRLY routine Wednesday on the open scene but, in fairness, it was always going to suffer by comparison with last night's stunning Wendy Fair St Leger card at Wembley.