suffer death

See: die
References in classic literature ?
He was not sufficiently guilty to suffer death, but he was too much so to be set at liberty.
Or, otherwise, shall you suffer death, by hanging, for your long unpunished crimes.
He stood on a raised stage, under his own loom; and, looking up at the shape the loom took, and hearing the burial service distinctly read, he knew that he was there to suffer death.
On the other hand, if you decline to do so, I fear he will be betrayed, and handed over to the law, which will assuredly sentence him to suffer death.
Aladdin begged for forty days in which to find her, promising if he failed to return and suffer death at the Sultan's pleasure.
Many of them now recognized her as the woman who had assaulted the Governor with frightful language as he passed by the window of her prison; they knew, also, that she was adjudged to suffer death, and had been preserved only by an involuntary banishment into the wilderness.
A larger percentage of passengers also suffer death or serious injuries when their vehicles deviate to avoid hitting a stalled vehicle only to collide with oncoming vehicles or lose control," she said.
And what is the cross but the revelation of a God loving enough to suffer death without revenge, powerful enough to overcome death?
We don't want our new beloved library to suffer death by a thousand cuts.
The sentencing took place over three days and included expert testimony that the exposures of the A&E Salvage workers to asbestos resulted in a substantial likelihood that the workers would suffer death or serious bodily injury as a result of their exposure constituted a risk of death or serious bodily injury.
The capital sentence passed on 3,080 occasions by Field General Courts Marshall between 1914 and 1920 was "to suffer death by shooting".
7pm: My amazing lips suffer death by macaroni cheese.