suffer loss

See: decrease, lose
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'Not for ever,' I exclaimed, '"only till he has paid the uttermost farthing;" for "if any man's work abide not the fire, he shall suffer loss, yet himself shall be saved, but so as by fire;" and He that "is able to subdue all things to Himself will have all men to be saved," and "will, in the fulness of time, gather together in one all things in Christ Jesus, who tasted death for every man, and in whom God will reconcile all things to Himself, whether they be things in earth or things in heaven."'
The sugar industry is hope to suffer loss of around $62.5 million if rainfall goes on to be scanty, said Nick Jackson, the Managing Director of Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC).
Washington, February 25 ( ANI ): The 'American Idol' show is reportedly going to suffer loss this season.
ANY AA-insured driver involved in a non-fault collision with an uninsured driver will not suffer loss of their excess or no-claim discount, says Britain's leading car and home insurance broker.
The four companies are estimated to suffer loss of NT$130-140 billion, a record high.
WITH reference to the letter from Bill Haynes (June 3), Mr Haynes and others seem to suffer loss of memory when relating to the Thatcher era.
The one to suffer loss was Bank of China which started operation in the country only last year.
465(b) (4) arrangement exists; rather, "economic: reality" is the guide and a "theoretical possibility" that a taxpayer will suffer loss is insufficient to avoid the exception.
They have almost invariably found that pups of rodents given alcohol while pregnant suffer loss of many types of brain cells, including the Purkinje cells of the brain's cerebellum.
PIA has to suffer loss amounting to Rs 1 billion due to devaluation of rupee against dollar.
7.4M men in the UK are losing hair and about 40 per cent of men suffer loss by the age of 35 men in the UK are losing hair and about 40 per cent of men suffer loss by the age of 35
I watched my late father-in-law suffer loss of all dignity and go through pain, which virtually crippled him over two weeks, until he died.