suffer pain

See: endure, suffer
References in classic literature ?
If you plunge a dagger into your flesh, if you insinuate a bullet into your brain, which the least shock disorders, -- then certainly, you will suffer pain, and you will repent quitting a life for a repose you have bought at so dear a price.
I just pray to God that I'm not going to make her suffer pain from this.
He was thrilled when he could resume his duties but expects to suffer pain for the rest of his life.
In the second, editing made it seem he told an inquest that victims did not suffer pain in the disaster which killed 96.
I still suffer pain and am unable to do anything that involves any pressure on my hands.
But, if 19-month-old Erin has surgery to correct it, she will suffer pain because her eyes are also extremely sensitive to light.
Doctors have admitted that aborted babies might suffer pain.
IT may be true these days that patients need not suffer pain but a lot seems to depend on the attitude of your GP.
But she continued to suffer pain as a result of her treatment.
It is estimated that about half of them suffer pain that keeps them from getting to sleep, or when they do, staying asleep.
The most serious charges centre on claims that she caused patients to suffer pain during "inappropriate" treatment.
Ms Lunt added: "The sad thing is that for many clients the damage has already been done, and even after the corrective surgery they will still suffer pain.