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I would hope people like Mrs Pankhurst were aiming at something better than gerrymandered sufferance dressed up to look like equal opportunity.
The Old Boys have jumped two points clear of deposed leaders Hartshill A but have played three games more than their rivals and look to be at the head of affairs on sufferance.
We do pay slightly less than the men but they seem to get a lot more privileges and we seem to be there under sufferance.
Jockey Richard Hughes also believes Canford Cliffs is capable of better and said: "At the two pole, I went ahead, but it was under sufferance and there was no fire in his belly.
It was a choice of activity that surprised us, given that Secondborn has been a vociferous vegetarian since the age of three, only eats fish under sufferance and if it has been heavily battered at the local fish and chip shop.
She does it under sufferance, leading us to expect a passionate affair.
Our world does owe them a living, and not just a paltry pension, grumpy sufferance and the undignified NHS geriatric attention they get today.
Adrian Maguire was forced to make the running on French Holly and he was still there at the third last, although only on sufferance as Istabraq cruised along on his tail.
The action was all towards the stands' rails as Dubawi Heights made the running under Johnny Murtagh, but her position there was purely on sufferance as the 13-8 favourite benefited from a lovely tow under Martin Dwyer.
He was still there at the third last but only on sufferance as Istabraq (1-2) cruised along on his tail.
He was still there at the third, but only on sufferance as the 2-1 on shot cruised along on his tail.