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2 million tons of fertilizers, when 5 tons of fertilizes will suffice for one hectare.
Suffice to say, this engine doesn't follow the off-the-shelf parts bin philosophy used at other manufacturers, as virtually no parts are shared with any member of Mercedes power train family.
Although "other sufficient documentation"--such as client-prepared summaries--may suffice, some auditors insist that clients turn over privileged documents.
If your doctor asks about your guns, a polite response indicating that you're only interested in speaking about medically related issues should suffice to circumvent this threat to your right to gun ownership.
hopes that his collection--between 10,000 and 15,000 Chinese menus from around the world--will suffice.
Surely a book's narrative should suffice to make its point, instead of relying on this self-indulgent twaddle?
Existing road and utility rights of way should suffice for the guideways.
A mere day's worth of abstinence from these painkillers may suffice, investigators now say.
In the latter case, any sequencer or dedicated accompaniment program will suffice.
It's not to say that diplomas won't suffice, it's just the way things are going.
Most of the time, a simple letter from the CPA (with the client's agreement), acknowledging the income reported to the broker or lender is the amount reported to the IRS on the tax return, will suffice.
Suffice to say, during his years in the ring Yoshikawa never once tried to masticate an opponent's ear.