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Summary: New Delhi [India], September 30 (ANI): In the wake of the incident wherein 22 people were killed and over 39 seriously got injured in a rush-hour stampede at Elphinstone railway station's foot over bridge, the Congress on Saturday suggested that the affected families could be inducted in the Railways for better safety and security as mere compensation cannot suffice the loss of a family.
200 million cubic meters of gas will suffice for the whole village, he added.
Out of action since the Ladbrokes Puppy Derby final at Monmore in March until returning to the fray last month, he won his first race since when skating up over the course and distance nine days ago and a similar performance will surely suffice.
The result of this union will certainly meet the client's wishes and suffice the designer's creation.
Of course these people could have been married in a civil ceremony, or by a minister of another denomination, but these are prominent people, and nothing less than an archbishop will suffice.
Suffice to say that McGuire wasn't buying Miller and U.
For a minor hemorrhage limited to the superior surface, limited voice rest and close follow-up will usually suffice.
But with his clipped diction and echo-drenched ivories, there's a sense that Sir Elton must always "do a number" when simply playing the damn songs would suffice.
Suffice to say, this engine doesn't follow the off-the-shelf parts bin philosophy used at other manufacturers, as virtually no parts are shared with any member of Mercedes power train family.
Although "other sufficient documentation"--such as client-prepared summaries--may suffice, some auditors insist that clients turn over privileged documents.
If your doctor asks about your guns, a polite response indicating that you're only interested in speaking about medically related issues should suffice to circumvent this threat to your right to gun ownership.