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New Delhi [India], September 30 ( ANI ): In the wake of the incident wherein 22 people were killed and over 39 seriously got injured in a rush-hour stampede at Elphinstone railway station's foot over bridge, the Congress on Saturday suggested that the affected families could be inducted in the Railways for better safety and security as mere compensation cannot suffice the loss of a family.
2 million tons of fertilizers, when 5 tons of fertilizes will suffice for one hectare.
Although he does not personally believe AU 9326 broke the treaty, Keller says some auditors have not interpreted the new rules correctly by insisting that clients waive privilege when alternative documentation should suffice.
hopes that his collection--between 10,000 and 15,000 Chinese menus from around the world--will suffice.
Surely a book's narrative should suffice to make its point, instead of relying on this self-indulgent twaddle?
And that is precisely the problem: We are getting used to the idea that suspicionless searches of our personal belongings are no big deal--so insignificant, in fact, that the lamest justification will suffice.
When a teeny-weeny little polka dot bikini will no longer suffice Coco Bay has the solution.
A mere day's worth of abstinence from these painkillers may suffice, investigators now say.
In the latter case, any sequencer or dedicated accompaniment program will suffice.
Maya Plisetskaya's tragic Odette and her smoldering Odile suffice to recommend the Swan Lake, despite the cuts and the cheesy audience reaction shots.
It's not to say that diplomas won't suffice, it's just the way things are going.
Most of the time, a simple letter from the CPA (with the client's agreement), acknowledging the income reported to the broker or lender is the amount reported to the IRS on the tax return, will suffice.