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Suffice it to say, films have always taken on social issues.
Suffice it to say, those who stay at the W are doing all right.
Suffice it to say that neither writer's lurid representation of queer life will be garnering them any GLAAD Media Awards.
Suffice it to say, never have the plea, ``Fagin, these sausages are moldy,'' and the reply, ``Shut up and drink your gin
Suffice it to say, connections aren't something Gan lacks these days.
As for the halftime production, ABC's not releasing details, but suffice it to say that the whole affair has come a long way since the University of Michigan and University of Arizona bands shared the honor in 1967, or even since that Up With People phase.
Suffice it to say it's an alluring tangle of hothouse sensuality and dramatic surprise, surely the most satisfying of the divine Senor A's output since Law of Desire.
Suffice it to say, Cluff did little to bring honor or credibility to the EIDC.
It's impossible to say at this point whether the film would play so intensely were America not at the brink of war again with Iraq; suffice it to say, the material is plenty potent as viewers approach it today.
Suffice it to say the documentary is a starting point for those interested in American history, and it's a very good one at that.