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Suffice it to say that the animal rights groups turn out not to be responsible for the dolphin-napping, nor for the apparent murder of the team's Head of Operations.
But suffice it to say that his proposals put the tax system back where it belongs -- a far simpler system that doesn't stray too far from common sense, and takes us where we need to go in light of the demographic and fiscal policy challenges that lie ahead.
Suffice it to say there's a gap between advertised claims and experience.
Suffice it to say that Howard Thies' lights go to smoking red, and Chastain's gyrating and shimmying is a sensual purge, very much in character.
Suffice it to say they've paid attention to where they're from.
The company guarantees its workers employment for life (in exchange for the right to fluctuate hours in prosperous and less-than-prosperous cycles) and gives out an average $20,000 annual bonusu The system has helped assure that employees stay interested in the quality of their work and the performance of the companyu Suffice it to say, Lincoln is non-union.
Suffice it to say that Davis has plenty to work with when he sets out to prove that this is no place for humankind to make itself at home.
When we crate the Mitsubishi booth for shipment to Atlanta, suffice it to say it won't go in the back of an SUV or a van," Adler mused.