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Suddenly I was inundated with so much uninteresting drivel that, suffice to say, my account didn't remain activated for long.
Suffice to say all of this will affect future trade credit pricing.
It's as much about love and moving on in life as it is about a marriage's failure and gruesome results: hard to define, suffice to say that it's an intriguing story indeed.
Suffice to say, it didn't go down well with the Bluebirds faithful.
Suffice to say, JAs perception of the way banks have set up their ATMs in Bahrain is incorrect.
Suffice to say it wasn't a comfortable conversation," Deans said.
Suffice to say that organisers at the second Test at Headingley, which starts on Friday, should not be expecting to shift too much of the bubbly stuff at that price in Leeds.
I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say, it's powerful, affordable at PS54.
I won't give too much away but suffice to say the judges were more amused than impressed although we did all get a quick snog under the mistletoe from old Hector himself, Gary Barlow.
Suffice to say, Sununu--with his effervescent personality and apparently uncontrollable desire to tick people off--stole the show.
I'm not giving too many details, suffice to say it was a fabulous experience and they were very engaging.
Suffice to say Sarah is on top form with her close to the knuckle, self-deprecating humour and observations on life.