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Suffice to say that whether a masterminded scheme or merely a deft save, Maccarone and Burdin pulled off an outright PR coup: For although the booth remained "closed" for the duration, Burdin's little-seen "event" turned her quarters into the club you had to get into.
Suffice to say that Telefilm responded to the charges with a Web page and SECOR defended itself.
Suffice to say she has the language down and makes this a good story for teens.
Suffice to say, during his years in the ring Yoshikawa never once tried to masticate an opponent's ear.
but suffice to say, all we can do is talk about safe measures and application of ORM with our Sailors before they leave the ship.
Letters like this should not be morbid nor maudlin, and we'll let it suffice to say that I've been prepared for this rendezvous for some time," he wrote from Midway on 30 May.
I plan to say more about this release in a future issue; for now, suffice to say that I recommend it with unbridled, passionate enthusiasm.
We don't want to humiliate the airlines by printing the short-notice prices, but suffice to say they're higher than the GDP of several Third World nations.
Suffice to say Tate Modem, the stepsister of Tate Britain, is not to everyone's taste though few admit it.
It will have to suffice to say, in sum, that the essays in this volume offer an exceedingly rich mine of material on the worldwide rise of fundamentalisms for not only social historians, but for anybody interested in the intersection or religion, society and politics in the modern - or even the postmodern - world.
Suffice to say for now, he has been a magnificent servant to both St Helens and the sport of rugby league.
That was enough to lure Yanchewski back to wrestling for the first time since seventh grade, and suffice to say, all parties were pleased.