sufficient evidence

See: proof
References in classic literature ?
Conway was to me sufficient evidence that the latter was in every way worthy of my confidence and esteem.
Aynesworth held the girl's hands for a moment, but his manner was sufficient evidence of the spirit in which he had come.
A hungry animal feels restless, and is led by instinctive impulses to perform the movements which give it nourishment; but the act of seeking food is not sufficient evidence from which to conclude that the animal has the thought of food in its "mind.
This fact; the toppling wicks of the dull, wasted candles; the silence that prevailed; and, above all, the nightcaps of both maid and matron, were sufficient evidence that they had been prepared for bed some time ago, and had some reason for sitting up so far beyond their usual hour.
There is not sufficient evidence to induce us to believe that mutilations are ever inherited; and I should prefer explaining the entire absence of the anterior tarsi in Ateuchus, and their rudimentary condition in some other genera, by the long-continued effects of disuse in their progenitors; for as the tarsi are almost always lost in many dung-feeding beetles, they must be lost early in life, and therefore cannot be much used by these insects.
There will be no difficulty in getting up sufficient evidence against HIM," he said, with virtuous complacency.
He was squandering, she continued to observe, sufficient evidence of his interest at the feet of this child who never would have missed it, while she, herself, who could have lifted mountains from her breast with one tenth of this appreciation, was left, as she always had been left, without the love her being craved, the love of a mate, rising full and strong to meet her own.
To the ape-mind all this was sufficient evidence that the future would be identical with the immediate past--that Utopia would persist.
They apprehend Allen but lacking sufficient evidence are forced to sufficient evidence are forced to let him go.
IN A major setback to Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, the Centre on Wednesday told the Delhi High Court that there existed sufficient evidence against Singh to prima facie establish a case of money laundering against him.
In relation to one further complainant, we have decided that, although there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction, according to the code for Crown prosecutors, a prosecution would not be in the public interest.
The Crown Prosecution Service said there was sufficient evidence to charge Dominic Green, 23, from Rhyl, and Alexandra Hewitt, 24, from Broughton, with publishing a matter likely to lead members of the public to identify the complainant in a rape case.