sufficient for the purpose

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A single shot was sufficient for the purpose, and the animal, once maimed, was left to be completely dispatched at the end of the chase.
So far as your efforts are directed towards the suppression of crime, sir, they must have the support of every reasonable member of the community, though I cannot doubt that the official machinery is amply sufficient for the purpose.
But when the several nations of Europe had acquired distinct though rude written languages of their own, sufficient for the purposes of their rising literatures, then first learning revived, and scholars were enabled to discern from that remoteness the treasures of antiquity.
We wanted to expand business but it was not possible as existing allocated place was not sufficient for the purpose, they said.
Senior officials of the Public Works Department (PWD) apprised the committee that there were 9,000 houses right now with the Department and only Rs 20 million were allocated for the maintenance of huge number of houses per annum which was not sufficient for the purpose.
In the case of Lot 7, although it is not a consumable, not the definitive guarantee in view of their relative low value is required, the receipt and verification of the material is before the payment and the intrinsic characteristics of the articles, it is considered sufficient for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.
For all too many gravity applications, PN10 or even PN16 is frequently specified, when in actuality the water or slurry within is drip-fed, meaning a less expensive gravity pipeline will be more than sufficient for the purpose.
He told Al-Ayam newspaper that the election law has always been under the focus of the Judicial Authority, pointing out that the twelve polling stations would be sufficient for the purpose but could be amended, whenever need shall arise.
An attack against a Philippine commissioned naval vessel may be sufficient for the purpose," he said.
This practice was considered sufficient for the purpose of commencing the opposition formalities.
Mere certificates issued by the employer will not be sufficient for the purpose.
The District has covenanted to use its best efforts to include in each budget submitted to the Town of Hempstead, beginning with the budget to be submitted for the year beginning January 1, 1995, an amount designated to and sufficient for the purpose of paying the full amount of District rent due in the next succeeding fiscal year of the District.