sufficient notice

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The trust was to endure until 1810, when, if no person appeared, or could be found, after sufficient notice, to claim the moiety so devised, then a certain sum, calculating the principal and interest of his debt to Colonel Effingham, was to be paid to the heirs-at-law of the Effingham family, and the bulk of his estate was to be conveyed in fee to his daughter, or her heirs.
People won't take sufficient notice of one, don't you know.
The inhabitants had sufficient notice to drive all the cattle and horses into the "corral" [1] which surrounded the house, and likewise to mount some small cannon.
I did not renew my tenancy and served sufficient notice period to the real estate agent.
As a result, we're required to consult on future term dates now, to ensure we can give schools and parents sufficient notice.
2)(a) (2013-14) was violated, he was denied his right to counsel, and he was not afforded sufficient notice of the States motion to deny him of his right to confrontation.
Since no administrative charge was instituted against Rappler and RHC, they were not provided with sufficient notice of the formal charge against them (because none was issued) and the opportunity to be heard,' it stressed.
Two years is a very short time: it is imperative that business is given sufficient notice to adopt new practices and systems, and ensure that they are correctly staffed to keep Britain trading.
Those headlines are often about problems that have festered for years without notice or without sufficient notice to prompt change.
Workers should always have sufficient notice of their shift patterns so they can plan well in advance and changes at short notice should be avoided.
Both Form 8857 and Form 8379 are formal claims for relief; however, the informal claim doctrine permits an informal refund claim to be valid if it provides the IRS with sufficient notice that the taxpayer is seeking a refund.
There are also city tours and dhow (wooden boat) cruises which can be easily arranged to specific requirements with sufficient notice.