sufficient number

See: quorum
References in classic literature ?
A sufficient number of members of a deliberative body to
It is the author's experience that a sufficient number of them to meet the needs of the class may well be supplied by the college.
At all events, it was fairly obvious that, for one reason or another, the wearer of the petticoat and stockings which have now occupied us for perhaps a sufficient number of pages, was a visitor at the cottage.
3) Sunday and Wednesday of each week are appointed as the chief market days and to that end a sufficient number of troops will be stationed along the highroads on Tuesdays and Saturdays at such distances from the town as to protect the carts.
Again and again he missed his writhing and struggling victim, but though puffing and panting with his exertions, he still continued them; and after striking a sufficient number of blows to have demolished an entire drove of oxen, with one crashing stroke he laid him dead at his feet.
We four will go; and I hope to God that with our four lackeys we may be in sufficient number.
Or I can make a sufficient number of trips to land the entire party in the valley beyond the barrier; all will depend, of course, upon what my first reconnaissance reveals.
Every strange or partly familiar word encountered in his reading was immediately jotted down, and later, when a sufficient number had been accumulated, were typed and pinned to the wall or looking- glass.
He said he had never once in his life had a sufficient number of sausages.
Though if a sufficient number of these bats attacked a man at the same time, he would have small chance to escape alive.
And if they haven't anything to do at all, why, they take a drink, secure in the knowledge that when they have taken a sufficient number of drinks the maggots will start crawling in their brains and they will have their hands full with things to do.
When he had sufficient number of these strips he sewed two of the hides together, afterwards piercing holes every three or four inches around the edges.