sufficiently strong

References in classic literature ?
The night turned out clear and cold, and by morning, their road was incrusted with ice sufficiently strong for their purpose.
Crooks's party would be sufficiently strong to follow him.
The suspicion was there, however, and it was sufficiently strong for me to make up my mind that I should prefer not to have him back again.
Nor were they sufficiently strong in either guns or loyal followers to risk antagonizing the wily old chief.
Further, I advised him to call upon Kulan Tith and the son of Thuvan Dihn for warriors and ships that the expedition might be sufficiently strong to insure success at the first blow.
A few taken together are sufficiently strong to support the weight of the large loose stones, to which in the inland channels they grow attached; and yet some of these stones were so heavy that when drawn to the surface, they could scarcely be lifted into a boat by one person.
Oh, you'--Fanny paused for a sufficiently strong expression--'you Common-minded little Amy!
Yet this spiritual ferment was not sufficiently strong wholly to undo me.
Spenlow made, still it was not established on a sufficiently strong basis to bear, without being shaken, such a blow as the sudden loss of its active manager.
Prevailing feeling is that uncertainty is having an impact on consumer sentiment but we believe we have a sufficiently strong set of brands."
Citi analysts anticipate that domestic demand could see a sufficiently strong rebound in the second half of 2019, with more potential monetary easing by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).
Farmers play an important role in the creation of the landscape, it is absolutely crucial that they have a sufficiently strong budget to manage it.