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Derivation of diminutive adjectives can be found with the suffix '-ucky/-icky'.
In most cases the students were obliged to add a suffix, such as in the two examples below:
c) the -mo adjectival suffix that has already become obscured, unproductive and infrequent;
The scenario reviewed here indicates that suffix combinability is a current topic of debate in morphology.
This elegant algorithm builds the LCP (Longest Common Prefix) array by examining the suffixes of the input w in decreasing length order, and by comparing each suffix to its adjacent entry on the suffix array.
Here -n is added to the MPL directly, rather than as -in + pronoun suffix, as in Yemen.
The skip-based algorithms with a multi-byte search unit can be further classified into those with a heuristic with multi-byte prefix matching and those with a heuristic with multi-byte suffix matching.
If two bidders vie for the same suffix, Haight said, ICANN will see if they can first make a deal, than conduct an auction.
If approved, each suffix would cost at least $25,000 a year to maintain, with a 10-year commitment required.