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suffix -liq allomorphs -liy; -liq; -luy; -lug; They unite suffix and vowel and consonant changes in harmony with the root word vowel.
Majtinskaja ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1974:344-345) discuss the -Ma, -Mo deverbal noun suffix from an etymological point of view.
Level ordering, as pointed out above, has concentrated on suffix combination.
For Afghanistani Arabic Bruce Ingham (2006: 32) gives the following forms, some, it can be noted, with -an instead of -in, while the 1 and 2MPL forms are suffixed to the plural suffix -iin, rather than the intrusive -n.
If a word suffix maps it to prathma vibhakti then that word plays the role of agent with respect to action (verb) in the sentence.
Suffixed words of KT are more complex because there are three possibilities, depending on which suffix is involved.
In particular, we are interested in those occurrences of the pattern that lies in a suffix or in a prefix of the given text.
However, in the sentences (4d,e,f) they are definite objects marked by the suffix <-ing>.
The root word is what remains after the prefix and suffix are removed.
coop suffix will establish a stronger footing for the movement in cyberspace and differentiate the societies from dotcoms.
com' suffix, which currently has some 20m registrations.
As a cop-out, the Internet administrators proposed having the same domain name made available under a different suffix.