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Aronoff and Fuhrop (2002) aim to prove that suffixation is restricted by morphological complexity, and to do so they analyse English and German, two closely related languages.
In affixation, un- plus getreow produces ungetreow 'untrue', which, by suffixation of -nes, produces ungetreownes 'unbelief.
Including prefixation and suffixation into the more general process of affixation is justified on the grounds of the bound character of affixes, as opposed to free lexemes.
Recategorisation being a crucial feature in suffixation, the set of affixes can be divided according to the category of the output lexeme they create by their addition.
All of these words have been analysed in order to isolate recursive formations, of which, 1,687 result from word-forming suffixation and 366 are produced by word-forming prefixation.
In the case of suffixation occurring after suffixation, the position of the elements also reflects the moment in which they were incorporated, with suffixes further away from the base being attached later in time.