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Key Words: Stress placement, Bi-syllabic and Tri-syllabic suffixed words, Pashto speakers, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.
The present study is designed for experiments along with the observation of native speakers of Pashto language and their primary stress placement in English bi-syllabic and tri-syllabic suffixed words and their roots.
Competition between simplex or correlative and suffixed adjectives: the second pattern The second pattern is observed only in two analysed languages, i.e.
The simplex militars, -a and the suffixed derivative militar-isk-s, -a 'military' are given as total synonyms in LLVV.
Bradley (1979), for example, saw in his investigation that the frequency of the stem affected the reaction time for suffixed words in a positive way when the spelling and/or pronunciation of the stem involved few changes (as is the case when suffixes like-er, -ness and-ment are added).
These classes include (i) suffixes that never attach to an already suffixed word; (ii) suffixes that occur after a unique, specific suffix; (iii) freely attaching suffixes that can attach after any other suffix; and (iv) problematic suffixes that attach to more than one suffix but which are not completely unrestricted.
For all these reasons, the full inventory of the affixes (prefixes and suffixed) identified for this paper is included below.
In the eastern Arabian peninsula, southeastern United Arab Emirates, and the adjoining area of Oman, an -n can be suffixed between pronoun object and imperfect verb (Holes 2011).
They are suffixed to the imperfect and imperative verbs.
Of the 3,059 suffixed nouns under scrutiny, 1,010 display an underived base (33%).
Suffixed adjunct < Inflection < Prefixation < Prefixation + Zero-derived base (1) [[[{[up]Af2[[a]Af1[stigan]Vb]vb}Vb{upastigen}Vb][ness]Af3]N [(teon)Vb(tid)N]N]N
Firstly, from the quantitative point of view, 480 suffixed nouns have been analyzed, out of which 391 are subjective and 89 objective.