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forming suffixes -li(y); -lig: Bodun+liy with the meaning 'national' which is directly related to the meaning of the root word 'bodun' 'nation'.
The -n, -j and -v adjectival suffixes are very productive and frequent at the present time (it is an interesting observation that the latter one is still transparent, productive and frequent as an adjectival suffix, but it has become obscured, unproductive and rare as a nominal suffix), or further similar examples are the diminutives (-ka, -ke, -ne, -ine), and the -ks and -ci suffixes.
This article is concerned with the lexicon of Old English and, more specifically, with the existence of closing suffixes in word-formation.
The -n suffixes directly to the MSG AP stem, neutralizing FSG and MPL suffixes.
One reason was noted above: German has a number of different suffixes that are used to form plurals.
China is among a handful of countries that has pushed hardest for official non-Latin suffixes and could be one of the first to make one available, said Tina Dam, the ICANN senior director for internationalized domain names.
cym suffixes in future but may not promote them in its advertising, Mr Beddows said.
They believe that by hopping all over the world with new suffixes they will be able to push their names to the very top - but they never will.
Concerning morphological structure, KT possesses many inflectional and derivational suffixes but only a small number of prefixes.
But the Polish language can add numerous suffixes, sometimes even several on the same name
suffixes of the strings: these markers witness possible overlaps between a suffix of a sequence and a prefix of another sequence.
Sometimes the lingo of academia creeps into the the prose with suffixes like "emit" and "etic," and phrases like "cognitive consonance" and "deliberative cognition.