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The 30-year-old Bangladeshi defendant, pleaded guilty to premeditated murder after he used a towel to suffocate her.
| Sharon drags Ben away from Phil after he tries to suffocate him
He admitted "attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle" his wife on September 23 last year.
A FRESH warning has gone out to parents not to leave their children in air conditioned cars amid fears they could suffocate.
1 : to kill or injure by keeping from getting air or by exposing to smoke or fumes : suffocate
Britains "morbid obsession with safety" and too much political correctness, bureaucracy and litigation are threatening to suffocate the country's entrepreneurial spirit, chairman of Channel 4, Luke Johnson, has warned.
hamburger chain store Burger King said Monday it will recall the plastic toys featuring characters from the popular Japanese cartoon "Pokemon" distributed with its children's meals as they could suffocate infants under 3 years old.
If the baby drools, causing matting of the sheepskin, and can't raise her head, she can suffocate. Although the number of such deaths is not large, the risk nevertheless exists.
WAFA correspondent said that the soldiers deployed in the vicinity of Tareq Bin Ziad School in the south part of the city intensively fired tear gas canisters inside the school compound, causing a number of students and teachers to suffocate from gas inhalation.
Summary: She attempted to suffocate her boys before slitting her own wrist in suicide bid