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Further specifics are given: several kings are born in the hive, and only the best is chosen by suffragium (election) to rule over the inhabitants, while the others are killed.
Advertisements for the herbal supplement Enzyte were designed to look just like ads for prescription drugs, even down to using a phony Latin name, suffragium asotas (caveat emptor would have been more appropriate).
Desiderium quod ad religionis propositum et animarum salutem pertinere dignoscitur animos nos decet libenter concedere, et petentium desideriis congruum impertiri suffragium.
recedat a corde; et ut impetres ejus orationis suffragium, non deseras conversationis
Contrary to assertions that in those days the laity "chose" their own bishops, he demonstrates how the choice was a multilayered procedure including suffragium (consultation, verdict) of the laity, testimonium (evaluation) by the clergy, and consensus (decision) by the majority of other bishops, which, taken together, were seen to point to God's iudicium.
Cyprian described this complex process by the use of four technical terms, each entailing an essential and necessary step in a single, integrated operation: iudicium, testimonium, suffragium, and consensus, terms that we may tentatively define as "choice," "testimony," "election," and "acceptance.
Episcopal election did involve some type of actual voting, yet suffragium is a term whose meaning for Cyprian is hard to pin down.
One can make the plausible conjecture here concerning two types of suffragium omnium.
The suffragium omnium was signaled by popular acclamation and was then followed by the imposition of hands by the bishops, both of these being visible signs of the consensus of the Church.
So one sees that iudicium, testimonium, suffragium and consensus were all necessary in Cyprian's thinking as integral and essential parts of a whole process of election and installation of a bishop.
15) Takeo Osawa's doctoral dissertation at the University of Wurzburg studied the process of episcopal elections according to Cyprian (Das Bischofseinsetzungsverfahren bei Cyprian: Historische Untersuchungen zu den Begriffen iudicium, suffragium, testimonium, consensus (Frankfurt: Lang, 1983).