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What we do sense is that the business and culture of drugs suffuse everyday life in the inner city.
The author's love of his wife, Honor, of his fellow human beings and of Britain and Australia suffuse his tale.
Not only does Trumbo suffuse the audience with the wit and wisdom of a man who might have out-quipped Cicero (or, at the least, Mark Twain), the work is a rich examination of patriotism and its consequences.
The architects desired to suffuse the ground floors with light, while upstairs making pools of light among shade.
Though the glow of hot, newborn stars would suffuse a young galaxy with blue light, the Honolulu-based team figured that some of the galaxies in their survey might appear red.
Fluoro-deoxyglucose (generally known as FDG), with its ability to suffuse cancerous and viable cardiac tissue, has recently emerged as the high-energy radiopharmaceutical of choice for oncology and cardiology acquisitions.