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A glow of national pride will suffuse me as I reject the mindless twaddle of the English-language stations.
What we do sense is that the business and culture of drugs suffuse everyday life in the inner city.
Evelyna Dyson-Cantwell, the company's president, commented, "Prolonged wound healing will soon become a much cheaper procedure through the use of our disposable flexible chamber designed to suffuse wounds on the extremities with oxygen.
The author's love of his wife, Honor, of his fellow human beings and of Britain and Australia suffuse his tale.
Certainly great words like compassion and rights appear to suffuse the air that we breathe.
Not only does Trumbo suffuse the audience with the wit and wisdom of a man who might have out-quipped Cicero (or, at the least, Mark Twain), the work is a rich examination of patriotism and its consequences.
For Mitchell, what is interesting in this kind of account is not whether it offers an accurate description of the contemporary world but rather the way it expresses contemporary anxieties concerning the power of the image to go its own way, to "walk by itself"--anxieties that, he suggests, suffuse the whole cultural climate.