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Necropsy of the eight affected cattle revealed similar lesions characterized by the presence of white foamy contents in the trachea and suffusions in the larynx and trachea.
In milder cases horses may have fever, anorexia and listlessness but severe infection involves jaundice (mostly in foals, rarely in adult horses), anemia, conjuctival suffusions, pathechial hemorrhage on the mucosa and hematuria (Verma et al.
The most blatant are the suffusions of red she sees, triggered by the color (though this is selective; the color red appears, for example, at the hunt before the panic attack begins) as well as the dreams of being forcibly removed from bed and having to separate from her mother.
The hemorrhagiparous syndrome presents an increased prevalence in patients with cirrhosis, manifested through: epistaxis, gingivorrhagia, ecchymosis, suffusions, hemorrhaging from the esophagus varices, which are caused by hemostasis changes in patients with severe hepatic pathology.
All cases had fever, oliguria, conjunctival suffusions, hepatosplenomegaly.
The necropsy revealed abomasal congestion, petechial hemorrhages and mucosal suffusions.
20, 33 and 34) yellowish brown to pale brown, with irregular stramineous suffusions mainly on apical areas, granules fuscous, setae in granules on veins pale yellowish brown.
The caudal fin contains a mix of yellow and red suffusions with scattered melanophores, and the bases of the rays and the regions adjacent to them are red, forming a thin red vertical line over the ends of the hypurals.