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SUGGESTION. In its literal sense this word signifies to inform, to insinuate, to instruct, to cause to be remembered, to counsel. In practice it is used to convey the idea of information; as, the defendant suggests the death of one of the plaintiffs. 2 Sell. Pr. 191.
     2. In wills, when suggestions are made to a testator for the purpose of procuring a devise of his property in a particular way, and when such suggestions are false, they generally amount to a fraud. Bac. Ab. Wills, G 3; 5 Toull. n. 706.

References in classic literature ?
"But maybe it means that we're to weep cheerfully," suggested Cecily.
"You might resolve not to quarrel any time," suggested Sara Ray.
"You might make a resolution not to eat poison berries," suggested Felicity.
The addition was, I imagine, suggested by a desire to excuse and explain the non-appearance of Hermione in bk.
[Greek] of the Odyssean passage was due to the [Greek] of the "Iliad." No other reason suggests itself for the making Menelaus return on the very day of the feast given by Orestes.
We took our bearings with our crude and inaccurate instruments; we searched the chart; we cudgeled our brains; and at last it was Bradley who suggested a solution.
"If you are right, it might account for much of the deviation of the compass during the past two days," I suggested. "Caprona has been luring us upon her deadly rocks.
"Suppose you heard she was engaged to be married?" Francine suggested.
These being all rejected, I reflected awhile, and sarcastically suggested brickbats at three-quarters of a mile.
"We can utilize the morrow in recovering the chest, Professor," suggested Mr.
"It has been suggested," ventured Lieutenant Charpentier, "that the wild man may have been a member of the tribe of blacks who attacked our party--that he was hastening to aid THEM--his own people."
"Well, you'd better go home now, and perhaps the old lady will make you another pair," suggested Dorothy.