suggested plan

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The suggested plan is to keep recordings for a maximum of two months before it is erased.
The current affiliation system of the colleges and sub-campuses of the universities would be amended as per suggested plan to facilitate students and speed up operations in both public and private sectors.
The Ambassador of France appreciated the suggested plan of the Power Division to control electricity theft.
The restoration is based on a suggested plan offered by the local initiative "Al-Athar Lana" (The Heritage is Ours), as a part of MEGAWRA's activities to save lost heritage.
The 61-item agenda is highlighted by the Ministry of Energy's suggested plan to be implemented as soon as possible so as to save the electricity sector, as well as a preview by the Prime Minister on the outcome of the Brussels conference on displaced persons.
According to the suggested plan, Pakistan would decrease customs duty to zero percent on 70 percent tariff lines over 15 years, while China would reciprocate the same to it in five years' time.
However, according to the suggested plan, the space where animals will be kept receives less sunlight.
The post Virgin Mobile UAE to offer suggested plan service appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Cohen suggested plan sponsors will generally respond positively to advisers who are proud of their service offering and willing to frame it as a premium-level service.
In addition, the agency suggested plan sponsors review their frozen DB plans to see if they still have a valid reason for keeping the plan frozen; file Form 5500 for the plan by the filing deadline; use the correct pension feature code on Form 5500; and amend the plan for current law by the required deadline.
Finally there is a suggested plan for writing your own story, a timeline and a glossary.
They discussed a suggested plan of action for bilateral cooperation, setting out cooperative programs and mechanisms as per specific timetables, said Assistant Secretary General of the GCC for Negotiations and Strategic Dialogue Abdulaziz Al-Owaisheq.