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A Challenger tends to only reply to posts to question the opinion or promulgations of Solvers or Suggesters. An example of this was "sorry, don't think there's a connection.
Social Epistemic Facilitators (1) Solvers (1) Suggesters (1) Seekers (1) Challengers (1) Commentators (2) Shepherds (2) Theorizers (2) Conversationalists (2) Creators (2) Validators (2) Philosophers (2) Summarizers (2) Summarizers (2) Figure 2.
The role of Faciltator is closely aligned to that of the Suggester, who is seen to make suggestions for others to take forward.
To address this key issue of fostering improved interaction with suggesters the steering committee created the concept of "committed contacts." Fifty individuals representing all the major functions of the organization were called into service to be idea evaluators and facilitators.
They interact daily with suggesters and are empowered with substantial decision-making authority.
Although an employee may not have the right solution, the committed contact's role is to work with the suggester on exploring and facilitating alternative solutions.