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One is expert explanation of suggestibility to educate the fact-finder as to the vulnerability of the evidence.
It goes without saying that if an adult's suggestibility can suffer such misguidance, what about children's?
The practical implications for clinical psychologists increasingly called upon to provide expert witness on personality traits such as suggestibility and compliance are also addressed.
64) The following is a partial list of studies that have found young children to be particularly vulnerable to suggestions: Brainerd, Reyna, and Brandse 359-364; Bruck and Ceci "The Suggestibility of Young Children" 75-79; Bruck and Ceci "The Suggestibility of Children's Memory" 419-439; Bruck, Ceci, Francoeur, and Barr 193-208; Ceci and Bruck "The Suggestibility of the Child Witness" 403-439; Ceci, Crotteau Huffman, Smith, and Loftus 388-407; Ceci, Ross, and Toglia 38-49; Cohen and Harnick 201-210; Garven, Wood, Malpass, and Shaw 347-359; Kassin 300-302; Leichtman and Ceci 568-578; McBrien and Dagenbach 509-528; Pezdek and Hodge 887-895; and Warren and Marsil 127-147.
Amor) had a total suggestibility score of 18, which is a high score, in the 98th percentile," DeClue testified.
Inspired by the statistically significant results from their first study, Gudjonsson's team conducted a series of related studies over the course of the next decade, premised on the hypothesis that there is a "strong link" between "interrogative suggestibility and exposure to life adversity.
Source Misattributions and the Suggestibility of Eyewitness Memory.
Moreover, the characteristics of stigma (visibility, suggestibility and impact) are important aspects in the process of stigmatization (8).
All subjects showed activation of ventral anterior cingulate cortex, a region associated with emotional monitoring, during peer exclusion, which correlated with measures of peer conformity and suggestibility.
4) While the predominant amount of research on misinformation concerns the suggestibility of eyewitnesses, not much research has been conducted concerning the suggestibility of jurors.
There may be information bias due to social desirability and suggestibility.
Discussion touches on issues of children as victims, suggestibility, linguistic considerations, and psychological considerations.