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Correlations between perceived facial qualities with known corresponding physical characteristics (neoteny, masculinity, malevolence, attractiveness) and perceived personality variables "suggestibility", "honesty", "trustworthiness", "dominance/submissiveness", and "intelligence" Suggestible Honest Trustworthy Babyfaced happy 47 ** .
In mitigation, Robert Hodgkinson said Davies, who admitted manslaughter, was highly suggestible.
But such phenomena sure can suggest a lot, to the suggestible.
GROUP PERIL Social psychology's pioneers, with few exceptions, believed that individuals lose their moral compass in groups and turn into "irrational, suggestible, and emotional brutes," Krueger and Funder argue.
of useful, widely observed practice of conjecture generation gradually becomes observable, or at least suggestible.
We're very suggestible to numbers, just like we're suggestible to labels.
Whatever the situation is, the head coach should always begin by modeling the appropriate behavior, especially when dealing with painfully immature and highly suggestible individuals.
I have, however, managed to control that recurring sense of panic in the bottled-water aisle of the grocery store--back on the eve of 2000, I was so terribly suggestible that I stocked up on bottles of water so large that when one burst, the floorboards of an entire room were warped in the ensuing flood.
Indeed, in his 1993 book The Transformation of American Politics: The New Washington and the Rise of Think Tanks, David Ricci deemed such a project nearly impossible: "When institutes like Brookings and AEI promote ideas, they can never be sure what effect those intangible entities will have on other Washingtonians, no matter how suggestible.
And so not only are they in a position to have their doors closed, it is suggestible that their own clients could sue them for malpractice for that kind of inadequate handling of the very important assets that are their documents.
7) The findings indicate that suggestibility generally declines over the school years but that even adolescents can be significantly more suggestible than adults.