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200) For child witnesses, the same developmental immaturity that makes children suggestible on the stand also presents a great risk for fabrication or coaching before trial.
Correlations between perceived facial qualities with known corresponding physical characteristics (neoteny, masculinity, malevolence, attractiveness) and perceived personality variables "suggestibility", "honesty", "trustworthiness", "dominance/submissiveness", and "intelligence" Suggestible Honest Trustworthy Babyfaced happy 47 ** .
They noted that some people are extremely suggestible and some people show signs of suggestibility without the use of hypnosis.
Although hypnosis does seem to heighten the subjects' ability to see color, the suggestible subjects were also able to see colors and change their brain activity even without the help of hypnosis.
118) Individuals who are highly suggestible or compliant are more likely to confess falsely.
If you are involved in an unhappy union, you can also be more suggestible to attention.
Based on viagra sales, according to a review of a book about impotence, it would appear that many men are "so exercised by the thought of impotence that they will believe virtually anything", and are "infinitely suggestible and .
Now in that situation, if you are suggestible, shallow or just not very bright, you base all your future planning around expectations of the same level of income.
Subsequent psychological testing carried out by an expert retained on his behalf established that he was abnormally and exceptionally suggestible and that he had an abnormal tendency to give in to leading questions.
Likewise, people with severe mental disorders may be suggestible to the creation of "false memories" during hypnotherapy, making the practice questionable in those cases.
If DID were simply a product of suggestions given to the suggestible, we would suspect that DID patients would readily accept suggestions toward the resolution of their conditions.
Apart from one passage on the treatment of hysterical amnesia in a review of physical methods of treatment in psychiatry (Sargant & Slater 1944) there is nothing in the literature that would indicate that false memories are created by abreaction or that patients are more suggestible in the abreactive state.