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The fact that Zeta Leporis has an asteroid belt similar to ours suggests that the star might also have rocky planets like Earth.
Together, this evidence of gregarious behaviors suggests that ceratopsians developed complex social behaviors long before they possessed extreme cranial ornamentations, says Barrett.
Recent research suggests students and teachers possess somewhat negative attitudes toward students with disabilities, or that they view individuals with disabilities as different from and inferior to individuals without disabilities (Gething et al.
For example, one theory is that people seek mates who are similar to themselves in characteristics as diverse as height, weight, personality, intelligence and values; (10) another suggests that people seek mates who they believe will provide equity in the exchange of valuable resources in the relationship.
This suggests that to avoid contradictions that could result in cynical attitudes by workers, there should not be any such thing as a generic "one size fits all" WHP program.
A small steel and MDF box leaning across a rear corner of the room suggests a giant Lego brick, while a wall-mounted pair of smooth-faced maple slabs could be the interlocking pieces of a puzzle.
When it comes to selecting a baler, Goldman suggests buying with growth in mind.
Treasury and IRS officials' comments suggests that such advice does not fall within the ambit of the negative advice exception because it does not unequivocally say "no.
The ideas of Ockham, Weigel suggests, paved the way for thinkers like Nietzsche.
She suggests bringing in a bench, or a couple of ottomans from other rooms--even stacking floor pillows.
Based on these findings, the authors suggest that even without antibiotics, resistant populations may remain prevalent over time.
Yet despite the decades of research committed to understanding the dynamics of psychosocial adaptation, a review of the rehabilitation literature suggests a surprising lack of conceptual clarity and limited consensus about such fundamental questions as the nature of the process of adaptation and the appropriate conceptualization of outcome (Frank & Elliott, 2000; Livneh, 1988; Livneh & Antonak, 1997; Smart, 2001; Wright & Kirby, 1999).