sui generis

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Sui Generis

[Latin, Of its own kind or class.] That which is the only one of its kind.

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sui generis

(sooh-ee jen-ur-iss) n. Latin for one of a kind, unique.

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sui generis

‘of its own kind’.
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Persons as Sui Generis Ontological Kinds: Advice to Exceptionists, KRISTIE MILLER
A final section explores patent issues in the future such as the sui generis regime of pharmaceutical patents and biotechnology patent pools.
The EU, in turn, says that Kosovo is a sui generis case.
Proposal: Erection of three-storey hostel (sui generis) for the accommodation of homeless people, comprising 31 rooms with associated kitchen, dining room, lounges and office accommodation, at Byker Bridge Housing Association Ltd, 17-19 Wilfred Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1JQ.
If, in sensibility and skill, Shirley Tse is one of Hesse's nieces (Hesse was too sui generis to have daughters), this bodes well, suggesting that the sprightly smoothness of the PEVA works will evolve into further lamination of texture and form with psychic suggestion, rather than flatline in mere material cleverness.
From any number of conversations I've had and accounts I've read, my experience is far from sui generis. Indeed, there are strong reasons to believe that the outlaw Napster actually increased the demand for fully legit music.
It's difficult to assess this book with anything other than a description, as it's nearly sui generis. Each page consists of entries made on a customer comment card at a Wendy's fast-food restaurant by an unnamed character.
Though Knoppers is informed enough to realize that her prime early source for this, John Cleveland's The Character of a London Diurnall (1645), did not emerge sui generis -- the newsbooks attacked by Cleveland (and the similar news separates) promoted Cromwell -- she never allows them their due.
Poor Mr Nixon is seen as sui generis, as possessing a degree of evil only surpassed by Judas Iscariot.
MAGDALENA (CBS MK44945) A concert revival of this '40s flop seemed a flaky choice in 1988, but the lush, sui generis score of Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos proves otherwise.