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Country: United States of America
State: California

I am curious whether or not I have a case against a soon-to-be ex boss.It's a fairly long story but the basics are that he began asking me about my forecasts for the month (what I planned to close) and when I relayed to him that it was a bleak month he said that he just remembered that he needed some copiers and other software that I sold and that he would contact me the following day. Then he pulls his car over in an empty parking lot and starts trying to undress me. Anyway it was a super awkward experience with many more details and the gossip is spreading around the office that he and I are together. The relationship is against company policy and, well, there isn't one--just a very awkward night out getting sexually harassed. I'm mostly afraid that I will get fired but also curious what kind of case I have.


One incident may not be grounds to sue but any other activities could make for a suit--You could consult your nearest Department of Labor office to briefly discuss the issue with them may also want to ask the company to put what is happening in writing and explain to them that you may have attorneys review the situation...try speaking to a higher level of management about the issue; they may override the other managers. If none of these efforts resolves the issue, let us know.
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