suit at law

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Blake-- equally famous for his great riches, and his great suit at law. How many years he went on worrying the tribunals of his country to turn out the Duke in possession, and to put himself in the Duke's place--how many lawyer's purses he filled to bursting, and how many otherwise harmless people he set by the ears together disputing whether he was right or wrong-- is more by a great deal than I can reckon up.
I was born into this unfinished contention with all its chances and changes, and it began to unsettle me before I quite knew the difference between a suit at law and a suit of clothes; and it has gone on unsettling me ever since; and here I am now, conscious sometimes that I am but a worthless fellow to love my confiding cousin Ada."
He told me he was very sorry for what had happened, and that it was to testify the willingness he had to make all possible reparation that he had appointed this meeting; that he hoped I would not carry things to extremity, which might be not only too great a loss to him, but might be the ruin of his business and shop, in which case I might have the satisfaction of repaying an injury with an injury ten times greater; but that I would then get nothing, whereas he was willing to do me any justice that was in his power, without putting himself or me to the trouble or charge of a suit at law.
"I am well aware that my grandfather was compelled to resort to a suit at law, in order to establish his claim to the foundation-site of this edifice.
(8) See John Surrebutter (pseudonym of John Anstey), The Pleader's Guide, a Didactic Poem, in Two Books, Containing the Conduct of a Suit at Law, with the Arguments of Counsellor Bother'um, and Counsellor Bore'um in an Action Betwixt John-a-Gull, and John-a-Gudgeon, for Assault and Battery, at a Late Contested Election (London: Cadell, 1796).
(16) A "chose in action" is "property" within the meaning of [section]56.29(6) and is defined as a "personal right not reduced into possession, but recoverable by a suit at law....
16, 1966 and entered into force on March, 23 1976 -- one of many hundreds of legal texts emphasizing the necessity of a pure legal system based on principles, including but not limited to independence: "In the determination of any criminal charge against him, or of his rights and obligations in a suit at law, everyone shall be entitled to a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal established by law."
While he wields authority, I will not gain suit at law, because he