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Influential factors included types of soil, slope of area, nature of saline soil, the boundary of irrigation area, amount of rainfall per year to analyze and find suitable area for supporting economic crops plantation in Chi watershed, Northeastern region of Thailand.
A Suitable Girl sees Lata, the heroine of A Suitable Boy who's now a grandmother, embarking on a search for a bride for her grandson.
The story will follow the heroine of A Suitable Boy, Lata, searching for a wife for her grandson.
NZNO chief executive Geoff Annals said the three boards stood outside NZNO's existing process for selecting suitable people to represent it on different organisations.
Liverpool council decided to create a purpose-built outdoor park for skateboarding and BMX biking after complaints there was nowhere suitable for enthusiasts to go.
When a motivated offender identifies a suitable target, the presence or absence of a capable guardian becomes a determining factor in the actual commission or deterrence of a criminal event.
That guidance, which many members have found helpful to their understanding, specifically defined client competence to mean that the individual designated by the client to oversee the nonattest service should possess suitable skill, knowledge, and/or experience to enable him or her to understand the nature, objective and scope of the nonattest service.
Designed using well established technology, combined with several innovative new concepts, the range includes joints suitable for use on road and rail bridges, buildings and car parks.
Loans are most suitable for funding fixed assets such as machinery and office equipment, where the amount of money you need is not going to change.
It also includes Suitable Trust Services Criteria and Illustrations, as a separate, easily accessed section.
Miss Widgeon agreed that the job was suitable in every respect save one: It required her to work Sunday mornings.