suitable for use

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Designed using well established technology, combined with several innovative new concepts, the range includes joints suitable for use on road and rail bridges, buildings and car parks.
But the treated cotton is not suitable for use in the white metals industry (work with molten alum[num) because chemical treatment causes aluminum) to stick to the fabric.
So, how do you know if materials will be suitable for use where static electricity could present a risk?
Products contain no hazardous ingredients and are suitable for use on medical, automotive, industrial, electrical, aerospace and food applications.
Their ability to be fitted with a range of light sources makes them suitable for use in many public and domestic conditions.
Units can be used for all types of sorting jobs and are suitable for use as central separators in combination with company's LC autofeed conveyor.
Produces a line of inert mineral fillers from diatomaceous silica and perlite, suitable for use in many plastic applications.
It is suitable for uses that require high output LEDs such as biometric sensors, surveillance or security cameras, virtual reality, and sensors for automotive equipment.
The fishery has three separate fishing ponds, and there are additional workshops and stores which could be suitable for uses such as a cattery and/or kennels.
Bulk silicon is used in a wide range of applications, mainly in the electronics industry, but it is a weak light absorber and an extremely poor light emitter, so it is not suitable for uses that require light emission.
Tum Plastik markets new valves New actuated butterfly and ball valves, introduced by Tum Plastik, are available with an electrical or pneumatic actuator and are suitable for uses that require all kinds of automation.