suitable occasion

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'So much of my voice has lately been heard in the land, that I might have been contented with troubling you no further from my present standing-point, were it not a duty with which I henceforth charge myself, not only here but on every suitable occasion, whatsoever and wheresoever, to express my high and grateful sense of my second reception in America, and to bear my honest testimony to the national generosity and magnanimity.
"Really, I don't think it's a suitable occasion for trying to frighten a child."
Some economies which he felt desirable might still find a suitable occasion in his temporary withdrawal from management, and he hoped still that Mrs.
I said at the time that I always would mention it on every suitable occasion, without regard to personal sensitiveness.
Nothing is said, but I am a man of sensibility and discernment, and I understand that she will not be offended if I seek to renew our friendship on a more suitable occasion.
(1) On suitable occasions you use the word properly.
"It is customary to be provided with such a document," returned the Doctor, gravely; "and, on all suitable occasions to produce it, in order that congenial and friendly minds may, at once, reject unworthy suspicions, and stepping over, what may be called the elements of discourse, come at once to those points which are desiderata to both."
He added that, if needed, the resolutions would be tabled again on a suitable occasion. He said that no notification had been issued with respect to a strike on June 14.
"Our supporters have been absolutely fantastic this season and will make sure it is a suitable occasion, but it will be a difficult afternoon."
It had been mooted that John Stones - or the Barnsley Beckenbauer, as he has become known - had been earmarked for something of a trial in the position, and the City boss deemed the Oxford test a suitable occasion for the 24-yearold's audition in front of the back O'TOOLE four.
"The scale of damage and the preceding information preparation and support prove that it was most likely planned in advance, but it was simply postponed in anticipation of a suitable occasion. The absence of any facts proving allegations of Washington and London can not but arouse suspicions of close coordination and joint planning of what happened," Antonov said in a statement published on Facebook, Sputnik reported.
'We are just looking for a suitable occasion, possibly when the Philippine Senate is in recess, to announce the date of the rematch,' Arum said.