suitable time

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Yes, and thou must learn how to make pictures of roads and mountains and rivers to carry these pictures in thine eye till a suitable time comes to set them upon paper.
We appreciate that any change of this kind can be diffi-cult, and we believe that the additional time will allow suitable time to complete the individual reviews with the service users who currently attend the Manton building, along with their families and to ensure that we can put any changes to the support given to them into action.
A spokesman of agriculture department said here Monday that the best suitable time for gram cultivation was up to November 15.
He also said that the seminar is organized in a suitable time as the Sultanate prepares to submit its vision on human rights next March.
Therefore, suitable time is needed by senior counsel and the party he represents to go through the documents and file proper reply.
The planning permission for construction of the bridge was recently extended by cork county council and agreement has been reached with inland fisheries ireland in regard to a suitable time window for construction of the bridge.
euro]e simple fact is that they pay the piper very handsome sums of money and they are quite determined to call the tune, so that games are now played, not at the most suitable time for players or spectators, but when TV thinks that it will get the biggest audience.
The minister said it was decided to keep the part that has not been appropriated as a white zone — no development -- and reassess the project at a more suitable time.
I'm very satisfied with the growth TempWorks has achieved under David and his team and felt now was a suitable time for me to freely pursue my other passions and interests," stated Gregg Dourgarian.
An invitation was extended to President Ma'soum to visit Australia in a suitable time.
President Al-Bashir has thanked the President of Egypt for his call and pledged to visit Egypt in a suitable time.
I understand there may be issues with some landlords but in the government's wisdom they decided that, rather than paying the landlord direct, the tenant would receive payment on the understanding if any repairs were not carried out in suitable time period, then the rent payment could be held back.