suitable time

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When, however, suitable time had elapsed, the oldest of the party spoke.
The announcement of his engagement could be postponed to a more suitable time.
Yes, and thou must learn how to make pictures of roads and mountains and rivers to carry these pictures in thine eye till a suitable time comes to set them upon paper.
At the same time you must admit that the occasion of a lady's marriage is a very suitable time for her friends and relatives to make some little effort upon her behalf.
A spokesman for the agriculture department said here Saturday that current month of March was the best suitable time for cultivation of Baharia Moong crop.
Prime Minister conveyed his gratitude for the invitation and agreed to the visit at a suitable time.
These extended working hours will help by allowing customers to visit at their suitable time.
Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert told Reuters on Tuesday: "She will address this question at the suitable time, as has been said many times in the past.
He added: "This will allow suitable time for the inquiry to prepare the 2.
He also said that the seminar is organized in a suitable time as the Sultanate prepares to submit its vision on human rights next March.
euro]e simple fact is that they pay the piper very handsome sums of money and they are quite determined to call the tune, so that games are now played, not at the most suitable time for players or spectators, but when TV thinks that it will get the biggest audience.
An invitation was extended to President Ma'soum to visit Australia in a suitable time.