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Suiting action to the word, Billy let out an explosive "BOO!" and Saxon giggled involuntarily at the startle it caused in the constable.
The old gentleman bowed respectfully; and advancing to the magistrate's desk, said suiting the action to the word, 'That is my name and address, sir.' He then withdrew a pace or two; and, with another polite and gentlemanly inclination of the head, waited to be questioned.
12 September 2011 - Rating agency CARE on Friday said it had assigned a B rating to the INR70m (USD1.5m/EUR1.1m) long-term bank facilities of Indian synthetic fabrics maker Gentleman Suitings Pvt Ltd.
Among these buyers were leading Chinese brands: K-boxing, a menswear brand focusing on jacket manufacturing; Peacebird, a clothing brand producing both men's and women's wear; Septwolves, one of China's most popular menswear brands; and Youngor, a menswear brand manufacturing suitings, shirtings and casual wear.
The city has since emerged as India's largest manufacturer of suitings, fabrics and yarn.
Sales director Neil Hart said: "It has taken quite a few years to get to the stage where we can launch the Worsted Vicuna for Suitings collection.