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SUITOR. One who is a party to a suit or action in court. One who is a party to an action. In its ancient sense, suitor meant one Who was bound to attend the county court, also, one who formed part of the secta. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to the counsel, the father is withholding his blessings because the suitor has no regard for him.
Basta!" She even hinted that she knows who among these suitors really have the "Eat Bulaga!" host's heart.
Arci Munoz's love life is set to flourish again, as a young suitor, who happens to be Erich Gonzales' ex-beau, has been pursuing her lately.
"UnREAL" Season 3 will be tackling a female suitor, but it apparently won't overlap with ABC's "Bachelorette." Constance Zimmer, who plays Quinn, revealed that the show will not air at all in 2017.
The rejected suitor then left the house, returning later with a Kalashnikov rifle and opening fire.
There is a feeling he will be allowed to leave for a fee in the region of PS8 million, which will scare off the majority of suitors.
The singer and actress - who admitted to using dating app Tinder to find love again after splitting from husband Mike Comrie - hid her true identity from eight potential suitors.
Q We are an independent creative shop currently being circled by potential suitors. Are there any proven benefits to being part of a larger marketing group outside of the financial payouts for those lucky enough to have stakes in the busi- ness?
The two episodes, which he two episodes, which were broadcast on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, feature ew Year's Day, feature guest appearances from Gary Barlow, Heather S mall and Liza mall and Liza Tarbuck and see Gary ( arbuck and see Gary ( T Tom T Ellis) and Mike (Bohdan Poraj) ohdan Poraj) propose to Miranda leaving her propose to Miranda leaving her forced to decide betweenforced to decide between herher two suitors to give her mottwo suitors to give her mother (Patricia Hodge) the long-awaited dream wedding.
The Flemish panel, dated around 1520 and painted by Antwerp Mannerist Jan de Beer, depicts the unusual Nativity at Night on one side and on the other the Apocryphal tale of Joseph and the Suitors.
He is hounded by suitors asking for the hand of his youngest daughter, the beautiful Bianca - including the intrepid Lucentio who arrives at Padua Ltd only to fall hopelessly in love with her.