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Effect of organic sulfonic acids as catalysts during phenol liquefaction of Pinus radiata bark.
25 - - sulfonic acid peroxide - - - diphenylamine chlorate instantly 15 3 peroxide - - - KI/starch chlorate - - - peroxide instantly 35 5 luminol chlorate - - - peroxide instantly - - Drop-Ex Plus chlorate - - < 1 peroxide - - < 1
The report includes p-toluene sulfonic acid, monohydrate description, covers its application areas and related patterns.
The second chapter focuses on linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid end-uses, the third one gives summary on a number of patents.
Because lignin can be derivitized with sulfonic acid groups, it is attractive as a starting material for highly functionalized surfactants and other wetting agents useful for the production of emulsions and dispersants.
High solid coatings were formulated to 60 wt% solids with varying ratios of an acrylic oligomer (Desmophen 365, Bayer), polyester oligomer (Desmophen 670, Bayer), melamine formaldehyde crosslinker (Cymel 1168, Cytec), and 1 wt% sulfonic acid catalyst (Nacure 5414, King Industries) with xylene (Aldrich) as the solvent.
Plating processes and tap water rinse cycles are known to introduce harmful ionic contaminants such as sulfate, chloride and methane sulfonic acid (MSA).
The tried and tested plasticizer Mesamoll is a saponification-resistant ester of alkane sulfonic acid which is particularly compatible with a variety of polymers such as rubber, PU and PVC, according to the company.
The surfactants are selected from a group consisting of cross-linked polyoxyethylene acrylic acids, fatty alcohol polyglycol ethers, polyvinylpyrrolidone, alkyl ethoxylates, alcohol alkoxylates, alkylpheno polyglycol ethers, lignin sulfonates, naphthalene sulfonic acid derivatives and mixtures thereof.
H] (trifluoromethane sulfonic acid commonly known as triflic acid) for which [-H.
Because the strong sulfonic acid has a greater affinity for water molecules than does carboxylic acid, Huang can control the amount of water absorbed and released by the polymer-- ensuring that it doesn't get saturated--by fixing the ratio between the two acids.
21 Polystyrene Ionomers Functionalized with Partially Fluorinated Short Side-Chain Sulfonic Acid for Fuel Cell Membrane Applications