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4% for 20 [micro]g/L calibrator) were minimized if a washing step of the extraction column with 1 g/L sulfosalicylic acid and methanol was performed after elution of ghrelin and desacyl-ghrelin.
The method of Andersson and co-workers (16,18) also requires special handling and rapid processing of the sample, along with the addition of sulfosalicylic acid to the separated EDTA plasma.
i,L of 33 g/L sulfosalicylic acid and placed at -70 [degrees]C for later analysis of reduced thiols in whole blood.
Most laboratories quantify urine protein with a precipitation method, such as trichloroacetic or sulfosalicylic acid, or with a protein binding dye such as Coomassie blue or Ponceau S.
After incubation, protein precipitation was achieved by the addition of 100 [micro]L of 150 g/L sulfosalicylic acid.

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