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Warrington said: "I had a bit of sulk and a bit of moan about the fact it's not happened.
I can only sulk and simmer and without meaning to I end up making snide comments.
Is Multi Currency Allowed For Fee: No Eligibility Criteria : Licence Sulk thela, thele, Tanga rikasha etc.
He has to create a problem for the manger and if you're in a sulk you're just making it easy for the him."
Even if this happens, after the sulk, do the same thing again so that eventually you get all your points across.
"If a move does not materialise and Cabaye continues to sulk he will be banished to the reserves."
A dog that's sulking out of fear will usually continue to sulk; a dog that's sulking out of stubbornness will typically change its mind and obey the command.
"You have your dark moments and your sulks. When I sulk I keep myself to myself, eat a lot of junk food and don't really do too much!
However, the paper quoted the same sources as saying that Hariri was not planning to "resign or sulk" because such a step would lead the country to "a fatal vacuum." (See MER 26/10/10)
The incredible sulk: Roger Johnson struggled to get over Cardiff's defeat to Portsmouth.
When I refused to lie for her last time, she flounced off to sulk at her friend's for two days.
He failed to stand up to the militant trade unions and went into a long sulk when replaced by Mrs Thatcher.