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Emmanuel Adebayor gained a reputation as a sulker at Arsenal while fellow City new boy Carlos Tevez complained at not being picked enough throughout his final season at Manchester United.
John o'shea claims there will be no sulkers on show at Old Trafford tonight - but Phil Neville could be forgiven for being pretty downcast at his recent treatment.
Can he sort out the sulkers and save our stars from leaving?
O'Leary has warned he will not tolerate any sulkers among the fringe members of his squad.
This presentation works for active feeders as well as sulkers lying in wait for an easy meal.
They could be the sulkers, whingers and moaners who drag down the morale of the squad with negativity.
In e-mails appealing for sulkers to join him, Mr Davies says: "This artwork will explore life depressions and anxieties of today's modern life and through this performance this may exorcise some of those demons.
Better players than the Argentine have left Liverpool in the past and if he really wants to move to Inter, the quicker he hands in a transfer request, the better - there is absolutely no room on this journey for sulkers or those pursuing their own agendas.
It comes to something when Arsenal's collection of sulkers and whingers look like the most dignified side in London.
This generally lasts for a couple of days (although the Olympic sulkers of our gender can keep it going for weeks), then culminates in an explosive display of the Alex Ferguson technique for grievance resolution.
Although the former Arsenal Youth Cup winner is frustrated not to be playing currently, Moore has singled him out as a shining example of how to conduct yourself while out of the side, constantly encouraging his team-mates and the manager admits that this is no time for sulkers.