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He has accepted the referendum result with exemplary good grace, grasping that the worst of all worlds would be to go about Brexit sulkily. Like most Remainers, he understands that the challenge now is to leave in a way that maximises the advantages to the EU and to Britain, and that addresses the chief concerns of both the 52 and the 48 per cent.
When his presence in Afghanistan became known several years ago, he reluctantly gave a TV interview in which he sulkily admitted that he was only taking part under duress.
She just sat there sulkily, replying in monosyllables -- but Rita broke her resistance, just by being candid and friendly and sensible.
His brother sulkily stepped aside and Ray and the amplifiers went crashing to the floor.
Will Aldi, Lidl, BMW, Bosch, Miele pack up and sulkily go Methinks THOSE yet undecided how to vote in the EU referendum and indeed those considering to remain need to ask themselves why after 40 years of membership of this claimed Utopian club the UK national debt is PS1.6 trillion and rising?
If that's the case, then he'll be able to get me American Girl stuff," Jesse said sulkily.
And now the Legoland theme park is hoping to become a must-visit for even the girliest of little girls, rather than somewhere they kick around sulkily after their brothers, moaning that they'd rather be at Disneyland.
Starting on Monday when I picked wee Bruce up from school, instead of his usual smiley face bounding out the school doors like a greyhound being released from the trap, he sulkily stomped through the playground then burst into tears as he got to me.
The contrast between them is striking in every respect: The huge, powerful Shah-father stands sulkily, peremptorily, hands on his hips, and beside him the small pale boy, frail, nervous, obediently standing at attention, barely reaches his father's waist.
"[T]he automobiles which turned expectantly into his drive stayed for just a minute and then drove sulkily away." Before the summer ends, he is dead.
The speaker is therefore no longer a daughter and not yet a mother at the time of the writing, an amorphous condition that Carr struggles to define in "Motherless Abstracts": "But not needing one, sulkily I am one.
And to top it all off, while the majority of the country sulkily packs away their hosepipes for the summer we have water in abundance.