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Igby's sulkiness, sense of adolescent superiority, moral framework and bouts of sheer terror are expertly communicated through the actor's stances, body language and deep-set eyes.
Too in love with her own sulkiness to realise she could be attractive and desirable if she made the effort, in a particularly well observed touch she indulges her moodiness and feelings of isolation by dancing in her room to Moby's Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Jim later explains to Marlow: "'Well, I couldn't fight the whole population, and I wasn't c oming to them as if I were afraid of my life,' he said, with just a faint hint of his stubborn sulkiness in the glance he gave me" (150).
They also encourage men to provide women with gifts and to tolerate willful OL behaviour, anything from sulkiness to refusal to do requested work, that would be condemned as unprofessional if committed by a career-track employee.
We observe a range of human weakness and strengths -- incompetence and procrastination, brilliance and perseverance, pride and sulkiness -- and we read along with anticipation toward the climax of a story that is actually among the best-known in astronomical history.
Christine Maybe his sulkiness has more to do with him reacting to his mother's obvious favouritism than anything else.
There was just a hint of adolescent sulkiness as the brilliant Brit hurled his racket in frustration - then took a shot at the press afterwards.
Amusingly outfitted in pigtails, pajamas and tutu, she drolly negotiates the volatile shifts between sweet and bratty sides, sulkiness and excitability, bored irritability and insatiable inquisitiveness.