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Hating and fearing his mother's depressed sulkiness, Jimmy tries to get "a reaction" of her by deliberately pestering her with questions and comments he knows would irritate her.
Doubtful about his writing talent and frustrated by a job that does not fulfill him, Charles gets frequently moody, sinking easily from enthusiasm to sulkiness.
Wright later took his charge of assault to the Central Criminal Court which imposed a fine of only one shilling, finding Wright's sulkiness had provoked the captain; Argus, 16 December 1876, pp.
Maybe Marco's sulkiness is because he hasn't been in his natural habitat - a kitchen - for eight long years, ever since he retired from Michelin-star cooking.
Bauer's depiction of a petulant 15-year-old who succumbs to sulkiness and anger is on the mark.
The other is the increasing sulkiness of Brown who believes he has waited too long for the top job.